How to set your AC conveniently

After you’ve bought yourself an air conditioner for your room, you bet that there are some things that you must set up. Aside from its position, the air circulation, and the calculation of the size of the room, there are still some other little things that you must do, so you can enjoy the coldness of your AC conveniently. Right now, we’re going to share with you some tips about these conveniences. Apart from that, you may visit to find a reliable AC repair service in Singapore.

Make sure that the hose gets set up properly

As you can expect, the liquid waste of the AC must be thrown out through its hose, but sometimes, the hose can be hard to be installed in some houses or buildings. When it happens, you may want to add an extention for it, or simply use a big, gallon bottle to store the water temporarily. It may doesn’t sound very convenient, but it’s really helpful when you want to prevent the water from leaking in your room.

Place the remote near the AC

Missing the remote can be such a pain, so make sure you always place it near the AC. Furthermore, the place should be easy to reach, all the while still within the range of its activation with the air conditioner itself. Don’t move it around too often and too far, and you won’t lose track of the remote most of the time.